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March 19, 2022 - Casa Mazzei

March 19, 1816 - March 10, 1872 Filippo Mazzei and Giuseppe Mazzini apostles of freedom and democracy in the world

19 March 1816 - 10 March 1872

Filippo Mazzei and Giuseppe Mazzini apostles of Freedom and Democracy in the world in memory of their death in the Pisa of free thought and the University

Pisa Domus Mazziniana at 9:30

Via Giuseppe Mazzini 71

On the occasion of the Celebrations of the CL ° Death of Giuseppe Mazzini in Pisa

10 am Guided visit to the Domus Mazziniana

Pisa Casa Mazzei 11.30 am

Via Giordano Bruno 39

Reflections on international politics: East West Europe The defense of democratic culture in the name and thought of Mazzini and Mazzei


Michele Conti

Mayor of Pisa

Massimiliano Angori

President of the Province of Pisa


Marco Gesi

UNIPI Pro-Rector

Pierluigi Barrotta

Scientific Responsible of the Circolo Filippo Mazzei

Report of

Dario Fabbri


The defense of democratic culture in the world panorama between economy and political systems

Reflections of geopolitics in the memory of Filippo Mazzei

Lunch at the La Buca restaurant in San Ranieri Pisa Via Queirolo

Menu 35 euros

Mixed seafood appetizer (4 courses)


Maltagliati with dwarf lobster


Fried Squid and Shrimp with vegetables


Homemade tiramisu

San Ranieri White Wine from the Fibbiano Water and Coffee Farm

Location 19 Marzo

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