Sala Ferretti Fortezza Livorno

Saturday 23 March 2024 - Livorno

Filippo Mazzei and International Relations, Via del Molo Mediceo Port of Livorno


Filippo Mazzei Livorno and its Port and International Relations

Greetings Luca Salvetti

Mayor of Livorno

Introduction Prof Maurizio Vernassa Professor of History and Institutions of Afro-Asian Countries at Unipi

Darsena Europa, what prospects for the economy and the territory

Claudio Brachino

Director of Il Settimanale

interview: Luciano Guerrieri

President of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea System Authority


Yacht Club Livorno Restaurant Via del Molo Mediceo 21

Social Dinner ( 40 euros) menu:

Welcome Prosecco

Selection of mixed seafood appetizers


Carnaroli rice with marinara

Pennette rigate with mantis shrimp


Boat fry

Sliced tuna fillet with potatoes


Grandmother's cake

Coffee, water and wine selected by the Club

Port of Livorno

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